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Wondering how to find a nanny job in Chicago? We’ve got you covered at Via The Village. Below is all of the information and resources you need in your job search.

What’s the worst job ever? The job search! Am I right? Landing a great new position is no easy feat. Isn’t it aggravating when some seem to do it with the greatest of ease, effortlessly transitioning from one amazing position to the next?

What is their secret? How do you find a nanny job in Chicago? Let’s break this down to digestible action items that you can start on today…

Nanny Job Search Preparation

Get yourself together, girl (or boy)! If you don’t have it together, you’re going to get beat out by the candidate that does. So what does “having it together” look like?

Check these items off and you’ll be ready to wow ‘em.

Clean Up

Not only should you have a professional interview outfit ready to go but you most certainly need to clean up your social media and/or make your setting private. If you think modern day parents aren’t going to Google your name, search you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on… think again. What will they find when they search your name?

If the answer is you and your besties partying it up on spring break or a sexy revealing profile pic, take a moment to see things from the perspective of the parent. Of course you have a life outside of work but the truth is, people judge a book by its cover.

If what you embody is a profile persona doing a beer bong or sexy poses, any reasonable parent is going to stop and think… “this one will probably call in because of a hangover” or “this one’s probably going to invite her boyfriend over against our wishes.”

These are pretty extreme scenarios but there are very likely some subtle things that could sabotage your chances of landing an interview.

What do your public posts look like? Are they whiny, snarky, harsh? You better believe that those that put out optimistic, educational and encouraging content are going to be the more desirable candidates.

Clean it up! Clean it all up!


Now is the time to pull up your old resume, add to it and touch it up. Hand it over to an honest friend to proofread. Be sure to ask for feedback on ways in which you can play up your strengths.

Brainstorm some simple ways that you can enhance your resume. Contributing to your community might just bring you bountiful karmic reward. Volunteer at a children’s hospital or showcase your expertise contributing an article to Via The Village’s blog.

Certifications & Training

Pull out your certifications and be sure your First/Aid and CPR are up to date. If they are not, no fear! Book a class. That way during the interview, you will at least be able to say you will have a renewed card by said date.

Go beyond and obtain additional training that will advance your career and help you earn higher wages. Consider one of Via The Village’s affiliate partners:

  • The Amslee Institute is the only online nanny certification program accredited by the Department of Education. They have several different extremely comprehensive programs designed to help you take your career to the next level. You can support Via The Village by letting them know we sent you!
  • If newborn care is more your jam, have you considered becoming a newborn care specialist? Look into one of Newborn Care Solutions great programs.

Obtaining certifications will not only make you a better care provider but will show potential employers that you are serious about your career and strive to improve your knowledge.

Conducting Your Nanny Job Search In Chicago

So you’ve done your prep work and now you’re ready to go. Great! So where is it you go? There are pros and cons to each search strategy. We’ll break it down…

Your Inner Circle

  • Pro – There isn’t anything more powerful than a glowing recommendation from a trusted contact. Touch base with your former employers. Ask if they know of anyone in need of quality childcare. Do the same with your friends, family and local community.
  • Con – It is a time consuming process to check in with everyone you know.

Tip: Create a profile on, a childcare networking platform designed to help you make new connections through those you know.

Nanny Agencies

  • Pro – Often agencies can help secure higher paying position. Agency clients are families that can afford their placement fee. A placement fee can be a percentage of the nanny’s annual salary or a set fee. Typically the cost to the employer is at least $2,500-$4,000.
  • Con – The downside is that the fee is a turn-off for many parents seeking care. This means agencies capture only a small percent of potential employers. Nannies don’t pay a fee to agencies so they have an over-supply of nannies compared to the number of potential employers.

Childcare Websites/Apps

  • Pro – Platforms like, SitterCity, and UrbanSitter have been around for several years and have built up large user bases of families seeking casual care babysitters or nannies.
  • Con – Most parents don’t understand the difference between a sitter and nanny so it will be on you to explain how you are a professional childcare provider deserving of a rate much higher than the rates of the casual care sitters that you are competing with.

Neighborhood Parents Network (NPN)

  • Pro – NPN has been around for decades, care providers are able to browse positions posted by parents in the Chicagoland area.
  • Con – Care providers pay the same fee as parents do. The website isn’t mobile friendly and the freestyle format often creates requires a lot of back and forth to capture relevant information from mostly anonymous parent posters.

Social Media

  • Pro – There are Facebook groups dedicated to childcare and childcare provider matching. If you are looking for regular work rather than occasional gigs, join groups focused on nanny care rather than babysitting. Check out Via The Village: Nanny Share & Care (Chicago).
  • Con – Social media can be hit or miss. When you message someone on Facebook that you are not ‘friends’ with, it often goes unnoticed as it goes to the “message request” section rather than to their message inbox. Posting on Facebook seems instantaneous but is often more effort in the long run.

Via The Village

  • Pro – was made specifically for nannies! Unlike other childcare technology platforms, you are not mixed in with casual care babysitters. The site is only for nannies. Resources, support and guidance is available for nannies. You can even look for nannies employed near you for playdate meetups or back-up! Via The Village enables caregivers to maximize their time and earnings if they are interested in nanny sharing. Full-time nannies who work a nanny share can make $10,000-$15,000 MORE per year than when working for a single family.
  • Con – Not yet a mobile app but the website is mobile friendly with design responding when used on your phone.

Final words. Thank you for doing what you do. The childcare profession is one of the most noble and important professions. You support parents so they can contribute to the world and their families. You not only love and cuddle little ones but help them grow and develop in order to also contribute to our world.

Being a caregiver can be extremely rewarding. But being a nanny can also be isolating, exhausting and taxing. It is crucial for caregivers to care for themselves and to build up their support systems. We hope you will join our community on Via The Village!