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  • Devin L.
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    Oh boy. Only a few weeks into the cold weather season and we are already starting to get stir crazy!!!!

    Indoor activity suggestions?
    Where to “get out” to suggestions?

    These indoor play places are great but kinda expensive!

    Emily Louange
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    Woof. Devin, I feel your pain.

    Story time at libraries and in some areas there are community centers that have activities for kiddos that are much less pricey than those play places. Like in Chicago we have Hyde Park Neighborhood Club with tot land.

    Also, playdates are great for variety. Excited for Via The Village to launch the feature where we can look for those nearby interested in meeting up with for playdates 😉

    Shenley S.
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    Have you checked out the site What Do We Do All Day? It’s written by a mama who practices “unplugged parenting”. She has tons of ideas from toddler to teens for non-complicated activities that can be done inside and don’t involve tv or video games. : )

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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