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    Ruby C

    So Ive seen a lot of places where people are sharing fun and unique activities/ideas of things to do at home to continue to stay safe at home. I thought itd make sense to create a list here! Please include what ages you think would be best for the activity youre giving.

    For babies 4-7 months I found an idea to help with tummy time: thread items such as toys, scarfs or whatnot into the side of a laundry hamper and then place it infront of them during tummy time for extra encouragment. You could also put ice inside a zip lock bag and tape that to the ground and place your little one in front of it on their tummmy.

    For little ones working on sitting 5-8 months tape up a baggie to the wall full of fun items and sit them right next to it to work on those core muscles.

    For young toddlers get some cardboard and tape small toys to it with scotch tape and have them work to remove the toys.

    For young toddlers find some really small toys and freeze them in a small container. Once frozen take them to the tub or outside and work to de-freeze their toys through any means necessary.

    Theres some ideas for younger ones but perhaps people can share more ideas for all ages!

    Happy days everyone,

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