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    Caroline B

    I could use some advice here. I’m a FTM due in June and planning to be on mat leave until November.
    When do you think I should start looking for full time (Mon-Fri 8-6) nanny share starting early to mid November?
    Is it crazy to start looking now?? (I’m in the East Lakeview/Wrigley neighbourhoods of Chicago).


    Emily Louange

    Great question, Caroline. There are several routes you could take. You really could start looking for a share family at anytime. Then you could look for a nanny together. Typically nannies looking for new positions to start within a month or so of the start date because they are in between jobs. But you never know, you may find a nanny sooner who is employed with a family that is moving or something and they are looking for a new position with a later start date.

    Kim B.

    Six months of searching (especially for a Nanny share) is not at all unreasonable. It may take you time to find the right fit! I definitely would encourage you to start your search soon. As Emily said, some nannies looking for new positions already know their “end date”, even if it’s months away. Good luck!

    Amelia M

    Hi Caroline!
    Our nanny share will be coming to an end at the end of October (I’m also located in East Lakeview/Wrigley!) as the other nanny share mama is having another little one and they’ll be getting their own nanny. We are planning to start our son in preschool (he will have just turned 2), so our nanny will be available. She’s been wonderful! If you could be interested, message me and I can connect you two.

    Caroline B

    Ladies, so sorry I just saw that. Thanks for your replies. Amelia, I would absolutely love to hear more! Sending you a message now.
    Thanks again!!

    Caroline B

    Hmm.. I can’t figure out how to send a private message. My email is if you wouldn’t mind emailing me.
    Thanks a lot!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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