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    Lauren K.

    Our family has been doing a nanny share for two years now, and it is almost time to discuss a raise again. I was wondering if anyone could provide insight into what a typical raise is (both for the single and shared rate)? We did a $1 increase last year, but are not sure that increasing $1/year indefinitely will be sustainable, as we would love to keep our nanny for at least another 3+ years.

    Additionally, as we are expecting a baby this month and we envision that sometimes our nanny will be caring for our two children and at other times she will be caring for one of ours and the share family’s, I am wondering if there is typically a difference in rate between a nanny share and caring for two children from the same household? Thank you!

    Emily Louange

    A raise when you have a child is usually 10-15% or at least a couple dollars more per hour.

    Annual raises should be based on cost of living adjustment (COLA) and merit. COLA is anywhere from 1-3% increase per year.

    According to the International Nanny Association (INA): “On average, it’s common to see a nanny’s salary rise by 3%-6% each year when both
    merit and COLA adjustments are combined.”

    Here is a link to their handbook for parents:

    I always recommend that families work out a single family rate and then figure the share rate from there. The share rate will be about a 33% discount off each family’s single family rate.

    When you do it this way, it is easier to figure the math with share families where one family has 1 child and the other family has 2 children.


    Family A (with 2 children)- Single Family rate $18/hour. Share Rate $12/hour
    Family B (with 1 child)- Single Family rate $16/hour. Share Rate $10.72/hour

    Of course, it is common to round up or down, but you see my point. The family with two children always contributes a little more.

    That is my 2 cents but I’m sure others have theirs and it all about communication and negotiation.

    Don’t forget there are free nanny and nanny share contracts (you can download and edit) here on to guide the process and put things in writing to protect your relationships.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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