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    Emily Louange

    Taxes. We all hate them, but there is no avoiding them- even in the world of childcare.

    Or is there???

    Let’s see if you can pass our “Nanny Taxes” test on who doesn’t have to give Uncle Sam a cut!


    Part-time summer nanny who only works 12 weeks while kids are on break. Paid $200/week.


    Part-time nanny who comes every Tuesday so a stay at home parent can get out sans kids for just a couple hours. Paid $35/week.


    Regular date night babysitter who comes almost every Saturday night. Usually paid about $50.

    Reply to this post with your answer by Feb 13th, 2018. Those who respond with the correct answer will be entered to win Babies R Us gift card.

    We will draw a winner on Feb 14th and confirm the correct answer!

    Roxanne D

    #2 but only if there is no other income. The family doesn’t have to pay taxes on anything under $2100 but the nanny still needs to declare ALL income.

    Laura S

    This is kind of a trick question, because you have to report all income, I doubt anyone could live on any of these scenarios solely. However, if it were the only source of income #2 ($35 x 52) is less than the threshold and would not need to be taxed.

    Alyee K

    Scenario 2 doesn’t have to give Uncle Sam a cut!

    Angie R


    Emily Louange

    Thanks to all for participating! A bunch of smarties! Scenario #2 it is and Roxanne D is our winner! Roxanne, please contact to confirm the best address to mail you your gift card.

    We are trying to spread awareness of domestic employee rights. Taxes are usually a confusing topic for all. We would appreciate you all spreading the information. Please share:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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