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    Brittany C.

    We are starting a nannyshare in January (two 4mo boys). We live on the third floor of a walk up, with a set of front steps before getting to the lobby.

    Looking for suggestions on the best way for our nanny to get the boys in and out. What has worked best for other nannyshares in this situation? Side note- we don’t have a garage to park the stroller in.

    We were thinking of investing in a lightweight double stroller we could leave in the lobby, but our nanny would still need to tackle the flight of stairs outside.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

    Emily Louange

    Wow. Great question Brittany!

    Maybe baby wearing? Nanny could wear one carrier and carry the other baby in his or her arms, wear two carriers, or there is baby carrier for twins.. twingo.

    Kimberley Roberts

    Hi Brittany! I was in a similar situation when I was nannying for twins several years ago. They were also on the third floor of a 3-story walk-up, and had stairs leading into the building. We were able to park the stroller in the lobby, which was very convenient, but getting the babies and stroller INTO the building was a whole other issue! What I usually did was wear one baby in a carrier on my back, and then I would pull the stroller up the stairs step by step (with the other baby in the back of the stroller so it wasn’t so heavy in the front). You could also have your nanny wear both babies, fold the stroller, and carry it up that way…although she’s have to be pretty strong! One thing about working that job was that my arm muscles were super ripped 😉

    Anita O.


    Great question. I’m a mom of b/g 9 month old twins and live on the 3rd floor (all stairs)! My husband was strong enough to carry them both up at one time but when I’m on my own I do one of three things:

    1. Baby wear them if I’m going for a short walk (30-45min).
    2. Take them down the back and take one down to the landing and then the other and alternate until all three of us are at the bottom. When they were little, I was able to do both but I don’t think I would trust someone else to do alone.
    3. There were times I just didn’t go out until someone came over to help.

    Our apt does not have a lobby and the front door staircase is steep. the back door has larger landings and the backyard is locked so I felt more comfortable going landing by landing. We also keep our stroller in the back. It can be tricky but it is doable. It does take a lot of patience and diligence not to trip/fall.

    Lindsey Ross

    When I was in this situation, I started doing car seats, until i could back wear one, then tandem wore every time and had the umbrella stroller to wear one, push the other.

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