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  • Brian C
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    I’d like to formally recommend our current nanny, Allison. We’re moving to Minnesota and so, sadly, parting ways with Ali after two wonderful years. Ali was with our family both solo and in a share with our son’s cousin, who is a few months younger. Although we were not sure, financially, if having a one-child nanny made sense for us after the share ended, we could not imagine life without her excellent care and ended up keeping her solo for another year. We hired Ali based on the strength of her previous references (3 total) and wanted to add our endorsement to the mix. She’s fantastic. We hope she finds a family that will appreciate and value her help as much as we have.

    Please feel from to contact me directly with questions.

    Brian C

    View Ali R’s profile to learn more and message her direct!


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    Margaret C
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    Where is she located?

    Emily Louange
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    You can click on her profile link to view her location and more!

    Devin L.
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    This is great! Thanks for the reco.

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