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    Emily Louange

    I have one cuddly little boy who is so wonderful to snuggle but follows me around whining “up” “up”. Especially when I’m in the kitchen. I can’t get anything done!

    Today I found an activity to keep him busy right next to me…

    I put two large mixing bowls next to each other and he occupied himself by using a measuring cup to transfer soapy water back and forth. It gave me 10 minutes to do the dishes in peace and helped his motor skills! Yippee.

    Share your sanity savers! I could use more of it! Lol

    Devin L.

    Wine! And lots of it! Lol

    Kimberley Roberts

    We make homemade slime and play-doh, and my 3 year old will play with that while I am trying to work on the computer or cook dinner. We also bought him toddler-sized cooking utensils, and he loves to help us cook and bake. His favorite thing to do is make spice mixes. Also, stickers and a piece of paper will buy you several uninterrupted minutes- just make sure your child is past the stage where they put everything in their mouths! Post-it’s are also fun to stick all around the house. What else…Water Wow! books are amazing. Have him stick pipe cleaners through a large strainer or thread them through straws. Give him a stack of plastic or paper cups to play with (for stacking, lining up, knocking over, etc). Magnadoodle, Etch-A-Sketch, any type of coloring book or the watercolor books with the paint set attached. Rip painter’s tape into small squares, stick them to the floor or the back of a baking tray, and have him peel them off and put them in a bowl- seriously, my kid did this for 35 minutes one afternoon! We’re about to set up our felt Christmas tree in the living room, and we have about 20 felt ornaments that he likes to take on and off to “decorate” his tree. We put up a large magnetic dry erase board in his play space with magnets and dry erase markers (this activity should probably be supervised unless your play space is completely kid-centered and you don’t mind marker on the walls/furniture!).

    Here’s a link to a pretty great list of independent toddler activities

    Emily Louange

    Ooo. What is your homemade slime recipe?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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