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  • Emily Louange
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    Okay, so I recently attended a great talk on Positive Discipline at International Nanny Training Day. I was able to apply this AMAZING TACTIC today with my five year old. I doubted it, but it seriously worked like a charm!!!

    Here’s how it goes…

    “When there is a behavior problem, you recruit the child(ren) to figure out the solution to the problem. You will be tempted to insert your own solution. Don’t do it. Help them to keep brainstorming until they come up with an acceptable one.”

    Here was my scenario:

    Every time my little girl has a playdate with her bestie from school, drama ensues at time of departure. I mean like really annoying. Takes 20 mins to separate them. We have had sit down discussions with her about it, threatened no more play dates. Nothing worked!

    Today, at the start of the playdate, I asked the two girls to please figure out a solution to our problem so we could continue to have playdates. They came up with a “goodbye routine” that entails them walking together to the door hugging. Then counting together to 10 for a last 10 second hug. Then separating.

    When it was time to say goodbye, by golly, they did it!! Shortest goodbye on record!!! Seriously like 60 seconds! I know I am way too excited about this, but I feel like we deserve a gold metal here. Lmao.

    As Martha Reddick explained, kids are way more likely to implement solutions they come up with. You’ve gotta hear more. Check out her podcast to hear the complete presentation.


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    Martha R
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    OHHH! Emily!!! This makes my heart SING!!!! I am so impressed with your daughter and her friend! I am also so glad this worked! Kids are so smart and they come up with great ideas! Way to empower your girl!

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