The first few weeks and months of parenthood go flying by in a blur. It seems that every waking moment is spent trying to take care of the beautiful baby that just came into your life. After a while though, you will want to get back to socializing with people outside of your immediate family once in a while. However, when you have an infant or toddler in tow, this is easier said than done.

Some parents are able to take their little ones out to restaurants, and they behave perfectly. For a lot of parents though, this can actually be more trouble than it’s worth. Instead of going out and enjoying a nice meal and conversation, you find yourself constantly monitoring your little one and trying to keep them entertained while waiting for food to arrive. But that leaves the question, what can you do to get together with other families?

Village Children

Picnic At The Park

Parks are a perfect place to meet up. Kids can play, run, laugh, and cry to their heart’s content. For the most part, when you’re outside in an open space, no one will mind too much. This is a pretty low maintenance outing too. Just pack a few sandwiches and perhaps some fruit or chips, and you’re good to go. Some parks even have playgrounds which make things really easy. If your local park doesn’t, just bring a few toys to keep your kids entertained.

Stroll Through The Zoo

The zoo is one of those outings that just never gets old. As you walk from exhibit to exhibit and pause to look at each animal, there is plenty of time for the adults in the group to carry on a good conversation. The kids in the group will continue to light up with excitement as they see different animals moving about. Just remember to bring a stroller or baby carrier with you. While young children are often enthusiastic about walking and running around in the beginning, those little legs do tend to get tired after a while.

When In Doubt, Fire Up The Grill

BBQs are a classic family activity, and for good reason. When good friends get together with good food, things just don’t get much better. Since pretty much everything that comes off a grill tastes delicious, this idea is a winner almost every time. Plus, it’s fun for kids to play outside, while adults huddle around the grill talking about whatever they like.

What’s Happening in Your Town?

Checking your local newspaper or town website can be a great way to see what sort of family-friendly activities are going on nearby. A lot of people don’t think about these things before having kids. But, meeting up with another family to watch a town parade, go to a farmer’s market, or soak in a Fourth of July event can be a blast.

Final Thoughts

While certain social outings are a little harder to pull off with kids, there are plenty of fun things to do. It just takes a little creativity. Hopefully, the ideas above help ensure that you and your family will have just a little bit more fun in your free time.