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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Hired as a Nanny

So, you’ve decided you want to be a nanny. Now what? 

Unlike many other careers in childcare, nannies play a unique role in the lives of the families whom employ them and the children in their care. The intimate workspace and the close relationships formed between nannies and families can make working as a nanny one of the most challenging yet rewarding careers in childcare. 

For childcare providers and those interested in childcare work, landing a job as a nanny can be more difficult than getting hired by a center-based childcare program. Without universal hiring requirements and industry standards, parents have full control over who they will choose to care for their children. 

If you’re trying to get hired as a nanny, and having a bit of trouble, consider these 7 strategies for landing the nanny job you want. 

  1. Gain some verifiable experience.

    Caring for kids is one thing. Caring for children in a private home, without constant supervision is another. Most parents and reputable placement agencies will want to see at least two years of recent, verifiable childcare experience before choosing you for a nanny job. Whether it’s working at your church nursery or as a summer nanny while you’re in school, having actual childcare work experience will be the key to breaking into the nanny world. 

  1. Take some basic courses.

    At minimum, all nannies should have current CPR and First Aid certification. There are also many affordable (and sometimes free!) internet-based courses on childcare related topics that can help to expand your nanny knowledge base and ensure your childcare practices are up to snuff. Best practices do change, so it is important to keep current on current trends and standards. 

  1. Craft a personal statement.

    Why do you want to be a nanny? What kind of nanny job are you looking for? What kind of nanny do you want to be? Outlining your motivation, your ideal job and your basic childcare philosophy will help point you towards applying for the right jobs with the right families. 

  1. Put together an awesome portfolio.

    Craft a current resume, free from any typos or grammar mistakes, that articulates your employment history. Include letters of reference, photos of you with children (with permission of course), and a personal introductory letter to a potential family. Any certificates from courses or diplomas can also be included in your portfolio. 

  1. Network, network, network!

    Go where nannies go. Join the International Nanny Association or your local nanny support group to connect with like-minded individuals. Find nannies in your area to connect with on Parents value personal referrals when searching for a nanny, so being introduced to a family by a nanny whom they love is a huge plus in your favor. 

  1. Clean up your digital footprint.

    Now is the time to get a new email address if yours is Do an internet search on yourself and view your social media accounts as both someone on your network and as a public user. Would you be embarrassed if your mother saw any of the content? If so, now is the time to make a change. 

  1. Hone those interview skills.

    Nannies tend to be notoriously bad interviewers. Break the mold by considering the questions parents may ask you and prepare a list of questions you’d like to ask them. Parent may be most interested in learning how you’d spend your day with a child who is the age of their child, why you want to be a nanny and why you think you may be a good fit for the job. There’s lots you may want to know about the family too, including what they are looking for in a nanny and what style of parenting approach they take.

Michelle LaRowe is an award-winning nanny, agency owner, industry expert and author of several parenting books including Nanny to the Rescue! and Nanny to the Rescue Again! To learn more about Michelle visit


Michelle LaRowe
Michelle LaRoweAward-winning Nanny, Agency Owner & Industry Expert

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