Child splashing

Childhood should be the most mellow, blissfully innocent time of your entire life. No bills, no job, no demands, what more could you ask for? But then eventually the child begins to age. Their responsibilities begin to grow as they continue cultivating life “firsts”: first job, first car, first apartment, first love, first child. Suddenly, life isn’t so carefree. Occasionally you will find yourself yearning for your childhood, for the simpler years. If you belong to this group, there is good news. You can re-live your childhood, as similar or improved as you want, all over again. The catch? You will need to do so through a new pair of eyes; your new born child’s eyes.

When you welcome a baby to this earth, you are bringing in a person void of life experiences. They have never experienced heat on an especially sunny day, they’ve never experienced thirst or hunger, they’ve never experienced laughter; fact of a matter is they have never experienced. So when you have a baby you eagerly anticipate every first. First bath, first smile, first step, it is all so exciting. Every pregnant woman swears she won’t be the mom who posts a million pictures of their baby doing pretty mundane things like sitting up or eating. They know full well no one will be as excited to see it as they were to post it and yet, we are all guilty of becoming that mom. How could we not capture every moment when all of your child’s firsts is like living life all over again? Everything is so fresh and new.

For example you know what sweet potato tastes like. You think the flavor is good but it has an almost gritty texture so you always just passed on it. However your child has never tasted sweet potato. You are giddy walking into the grocery store knowing that you are about to create a new experience for them. They try it and love it and now you’re left thinking “Oh man, that looks good.” Were you missing out on this food this entire time? Maybe you should try it again and so you do. Every food suddenly becomes new again.

You used to love Chuck E. Cheese as a child. It was where a kid could be a kid. You have fond memories of running around like a hellion with your cousins, thinking every ticket you earned was like striking gold. You eventually stopped going as you grew older and didn’t want to do those baby things anymore. But you became an adult and realized those baby things might have been better than the mountain of adult duties you’re now responsible for. You yearn to re-capture those childhood moments. Through your child you can. You take them for their first Chuck E. Cheese experience and you get to captain the whole experience. You show them the lay of the land, play some of your old favorite games, and then eagerly watch for their reaction when they bite into their first piece of pizza. You are now reliving that childhood bliss once again.

For those of you without children it is like watching your absolute favorite movie, the one you know all the lines to, with your best friend. They go into the experience just hoping to watch a good movie but you go in with so much more. You are desperately wanting them to enjoy it as much as you did. You end up staring at them right before all the big moments, anticipating their reaction. This is what it’s like to have a child. Giving birth will be the re-birth of your childhood, it is life reincarnated, and that is a beautiful thing.

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