nanny share chicago

In the market for a nanny share? Here’s all the information you need to know on how to find one in Chicago.

So you’ve heard great things about nanny sharing and have decided you’d like to give it a go!

For the lucky few, a nanny share set-up just sort of falls into their lap. For the rest of us, it requires a bit of effort to form. So how do you get one going? How do you find a nanny share in Chicago? Here’s the how-to guide!

Most agree that it is easier to first find your nanny share family and then look for a nanny together. If you are expecting, this search can begin even before your baby is born. Start with your inner circle. Are any of your friends or neighbors also expecting? Even if they are not, inquire with friends and family if they know of anyone near you who might be interested in a nanny share.

If your inner search doesn’t yield any results, widen your lense. Strike up a childcare conversation at your prenatal fit or pregnancy yoga class. Chat up expecting mamas in the waiting room of your OB’s office or at your birthing classes. You could even go as far as striking up a conversation with the woman with the bump sitting next to you on the train. Just be sure, I mean really sure, she is pregnant before you open your mouth. Ha!

If you’re not expecting, rather already have children, initiate these conversations at the local playground, story time at the library or with your co-workers with young families. Nanny shares often work best when the children of the share are of similar age, give or take 3-6 months. So be on the look-out for those with kids a similar size as your own.

You can also search online. If you have a membership on Neighborhood Parents Network, you can try your luck there. Or simply post in your neighborhood Facebook groups. You are especially lucky if you’re located in Chicago as Via The Village has a popular facebook group with thousands of members seeking nanny share and care!

Most online childcare platforms won’t be much help when it comes to searching for a nanny share family since they only facilitate caregiver-to-parent transactions. However, definitely check out the resources we’ve developed at as there you can search for both a nanny and a share family!

When considering if a family would be a good share family match with your family, consider these factors:

  • Location – Shares are most convenient when the family is located near you, your work, or if they will be hosting – on your route to work. Via The Village accommodates an easy scan of location of families looking for shares with their map view option.
  • Schedules – If you’re looking to maximize on the cost curbing benefits of nanny sharing, then search for families that have similar childcare needs. The hours you are not nanny sharing, you will need to pay your agreed upon single family rate.
  • Hosting Preference – Many share families alternate who hosts the share. But for a gamut of reasons, some families don’t want to host. They could need quiet as they work from home, have a cramped living space or just don’t feel comfortable with it. Other families prefer to host for the sheer convenience of not having to bother with drop-off and pick-up. Whatever the preference, be sure to have this conversation as you consider candidates.
  • Family Profile – Do consider personality and parenting philosophies. Things could clash if your family is pretty lax and the other is rigid. Or if one family is a neat freak and the other is a slob. There are also dietary and technology consumption considerations. Do consider all these variables.

Once you find your share family you can move on to searching for a nanny together. Do look for candidates that have experience working a nanny share or at minimum, experience working with multiple children. Top candidates will also possess stellar organization and communication skills. Not only will they need these with managing the children, but keep in mind that the nanny will be a liaison between share families.

Sometimes time dictates your circumstance. If you haven’t found a share family but need care to begin soon, you will have to simultaneously search for a nanny. If you know that you are going to want to nanny share, do discuss this during your nanny interviews. Keep in mind that not all nannies want to be a part of a share.

Maybe you’re a family that already has a great nanny and you now want to enter a share. If your nanny is down for this, you are a gem! Families and nannies alike can sign up on and search for a share family. The profile creation process gathers your information to display your location and circumstance.

Through search on you are able to filter your search by your preferences. Filter by location, hosting preferences, by families who have a nanny or need one, and more! Via The Village also provides free nanny and nanny share contracts, along with a plethora of information and resources for those looking to nanny share. Check it out!