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Via The Village Membership

  • Customizable search
  • Member map view
  • Member notifications
  • Unlimited direct messaging

Standard Nanny Hiring Package

  • Customizable search
  • Member map view
  • Member notifications
  • Unlimited direct messaging
  • Hiring assistant- 1 hr
  • Nanny or share contract
  • *Nanny candidate screenings
  • *Nanny background check

Premium Nanny Hiring Package

  • Customizable search
  • Member map view
  • Member notifications
  • Unlimited direct messaging
  • Hiring assistant- 3 hrs
  • Customized nanny or share contract
  • *Nanny candidate screening
  • *Nanny background check
  • Check-ins

Custom or Corporate Packages

  • Consultation
  • Search assist
  • Conflict mediation
  • Corporate benefits packages

*Our comprehensive screening & background checks can be performed for candidates found through our community, word of mouth, social media, or other childcare platforms.

Membership & Services Description

Customizable Search

Searching by word-of-mouth or social media is time consuming and hit-or-miss. Creating a profile captures the necessary information from you and potential nearby matches. You can then immediately use filters to customize your search for a nanny, share family, even other nearby families looking for playdate meetups, kiddie carpooling, childcare exchanges and new neighborhood friendships.

Map View

Location-location-location. It is key when building your village and for nanny sharing. If you don’t find your share family match near your home, try searching along your route to work or near your place of employment. Our map view provides you a birds-eye-view of where members are located. But don’t worry, for the safety of our members, we only indicate the general vicinity rather than pin-pointing a home.

Member Notifications

We get it! You are a busy parent who might not have time to perform a search everyday so we keep you posted on member activity. Your member activity feed shows real time updates on when a new member joins or updates their profile to match your profile status or networking interests. We’ll even send you a daily email summary! You can edit your profile or email preference at any time.

Unlimited Direct Messaging

Other childcare platforms will force you to “upgrade” to contact other members. We don’t think it is fair to make you pay to construct a message to someone who may or may not be able to message you back depending on whether or not they have “upgraded”. We do not charge our members to message, rather encourage you to reach out to others to build your village!

Hiring assistant

Often times, just a little guidance goes a long way! Many parents have never employed a nanny before. Nanny shares can be complicated. We are here for you every step of the way! The best part about it is- we don’t come with the $2,000-$4,000 price tag agencies will charge you. Our hiring assistants are childcare experts that can help with search, nanny or nanny share contracts, and provide you valuable resources to make your life easier.

Nanny & Nanny Share Contracts

Communication makes or breaks your nanny/employer and nanny share relationships. Nanny work agreements or contracts ensure you cover your bases and detail out your agreements. Putting things in writing can prevent conflict and helps you to swiftly remedy it should it arise. We save you the hassle of compiling one yourself by getting you a contract template and can even customize one for you!

Read more about this and see a sample Nanny Work Agreement.

Nanny Screening

Don’t underestimate how much you can learn from a thorough a nanny candidate assessment and proper reference checks! We’ve partnered with the only nanny specific reference check company that uses fraud detection software to help us assess your nanny candidates. Save yourself the time! They do the work for you by reaching out to former employers to ask the key questions to determine quality, reliability, and fit.

Background Checks

Most parents understand that background checks are essential but few realize that not all background checks are created equal. Nanny agencies and other childcare platforms run background checks, but if they are not comprehensive, all they provide is a false sense of security. We’ve partnered with a top ranked background check company, VICTIG SCREENING SOLUTIONS, to provide you a comprehensive report with the option to add even more to it!

What’s included:

Standard 7-Year Criminal Package

*Additional Fees Government Fees May Apply

  • Nationwide NetPlus – includes person search and alias names search

This research is used as a “safety net” search, possibly identifying criminal records in jurisdictions not researched
because they were not associated with the applicant’s residential history. This is a database composed of criminal
records purchased from private data sources and other criminal record sources. This search is only useful for
identifying potential cases related to the applicant. If records are found with this database, we will verify the case at
the county level to confirm the details of the records, as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

    • National Criminal Search – Includes all available counties in all available states.
    • National Sexual Offender Registry Search – Includes all offenders currently registered with the National Sex Offender Registry. • Using the SSN of your applicant, we provide a history of previous addresses, date of birth, and names for every person associated with that SSN.
    • We search any alias names that come back on the SSN Search through the National Criminal at no additional cost.
  • Unlimited 7-Year County/State Criminal Record Search

County—level criminal searches are the best source for the most recent and up—to—date case information. A county
search will typically disclose the jurisdiction, type of offense, offense description, case number and case disposition. All
county— level criminal searches are FCRA compliant. Additional state access fees may apply.
Federal Court Record Search

  • Federal criminal, civil or bankruptcy searches can identify otherwise unknown records such as interstate drug or
    arms trafficking, identity theft, mail fraud kidnapping or crimes that occur on federal property like national parks
    or on reservations. Search includes all federal districts.


  • Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)
    MVR reports are instant in most states, but can take up to two days. A faxed copy of the applicant’s consent may
    be necessary in Pennsylvania. Washington state has specific release form required. Each state has an access
    fee in addition to the VICTIG search fee. MVR state access fee guide is subject to change and is available upon request.

Search Assist

Nanny agencies charge $2,000-$4,000 for a nanny placement. If you are seeking a nanny share, most don’t help find a share family. We have designed an incredible DIY platform for you to search yourself for what you seek. But if you seek a more guidance, look no further! We are here to support you. Reach out and we will customize a plan fit for you!


Regular check-ins are an essential component of success in a nanny/employer or nanny share relationship. We recommend an employee engagement and review 1 month after hire, then again the 3 month mark, and annually thereafter. We know life gets busy so we will reach out to remind you and share our tools to facilitate the process to help you maintain long-lasting, harmonious relationships.

Conflict Mediation

Nanny/nanny employer and nanny share relationships are complex! We are here for you. When you are standing in the trees- sometimes you just need an outside perspective to help you see the forest. Our experts have heard it all. Let us help you navigate your way back onto the path of success. We are here to help you thrive!

Corporate Benefits Packages

Savvy corporations know that supporting their working parents helps their company thrive! Unfortunately, many working parents do not feel supported by their employers. Our services are customizable and a cost-effective option for any business looking to promote an inclusive, family-friendly work environment. Reach out today to learn more!

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“The website is very easy to navigate! A client of mine has a 9 month old and mentioned this was a good resource for finding a nanny share. My baby is coming in 2 weeks so I am trying to get prepared. Thank you for starting this site!”

Jennifer J., Member

So far I’ve found it to be helpful and a really neat tool overall! It’s a great concept and the site is well designed :)”

Steph W., Member

Found a nanny through Via The Village and said: “Overall it was a great experience and made the process a lot easier for me.”

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Jackie H., Member

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for creating this space! It has made life so much easier than when we were searching for a nanny share 3 years ago for my first. It was such a pain and so disjointed.”

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“We found our nanny through the site – over, urbansitter, etc.!”

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It’s been helpful for sure – thank you for making this resource available. Finding reliable childcare and nanny share families is no small feat. You are appreciated!”

Stephanie S., Member

I saw it posted on the neighborhood parents network as a great new resource, and I was not having as much luck there getting in contact with potential nannies, so I gave this a try. It’s been great so far-already have 4 potential nanny interviews set up.”

Nora L., Member