Increase Nanny Wages

Nannies-Increase Your Wages. Learn How!

Nannies, I have heard your dilemma over and over. You know your worth in your profession. You know the value you bring. But the job positions that come along that will actually pay you that are few and far between. So you must either hold out and wait (unemployed) or begrudgingly accept a position with lower pay.

You hate it because it is not enough and because you know you are contributing to lowering the bar for the nanny profession. But you need something, right? There is a solution to break this cycle! It is going to get you higher wages- 33% higher. Continue reading to learn how!

First, you must take just a moment to acknowledge the evolution of your profession. Before women entered the workforce, the majority stayed at home to care for their own children. It was only the very wealthy families that hired a nanny. Now, with the average family requiring two parents to work outside of the home, the average family is seeking a nanny. And that is where the frustration comes in. Average families cannot afford to offer wages you require and deserve.

Further frustration comes from the average family not understanding the difference between a babysitter and a nanny. The titles are often used interchangeably, even by many babysitters and nannies. So when a family can get a babysitter to watch their child for a fraction of the rate a nanny may charge, they are blown away when you tell them your pay requirements.

It is time for us to get on the same page here! Via The Village is here to help. We all know that parents want the best for their children. And a professional caregiver is just that. But what do you do when they want a nanny but are only offering babysitter rates? I’m here to tell ya!

Ok, so for a simple math example I am just going to use easy round numbers. Rate per location vary, I am not making recommendations on what your rate should be. But let’ say that you know that the going rate in your area for the number of years experience you have is at least $20 per hour. So of course you are super offended when you are offered only $12 an hour. Here is how you get to $20 per hour!

First, be sure you fully understand the differences between babysitter, nanny, and household manager and which position you are interviewing for. If you aren’t sure, we provide a breakdown in Great Expectations: Nanny Responsibilities and Rate.  If you know that the family is looking to hire a nanny but they are offering babysitting rates, then you can respectfully educate them on the differences.

During an interview, it is your responsibility to showcase the value that you bring. We can help you accomplish this at Via The Village. Read up more in Nannies! How to Ace Your Next Interview. You can also refer parents to learn more about Hiring a Nanny and Domestic Employer Rights and Wrongs at  Via The Village or International Nanny Association. Many parents have never been a domestic employer before so give the benefit of doubt. They may be grateful for a little guidance.

So you have done all of that. The parents are absolutely wow’d and now really want to hire you, right? But they say they cannot afford to pay your required rate. Of course you understand, these are just average parents that are paying a very large percentage of their salary for childcare. But you just cannot live on the wages they are offering. Now what? Now consider Nanny Sharing, An Innovative Option!

When a family wants to hire you but they cannot afford your rate you could recommend nanny sharing. Refer them to Via The Village to learn more. While you search for a share family, you settle on a single family rate that you can both live. It will be higher than the family wants to continue to pay, it will be lower than you want to accept. But you will both be motivated to find a nanny share family.

Nannies and families need a more efficient way to find nanny shares. It is critical to making strides to a solution to the childcare crisis. Care providers, like yourself, need to make a decent living wage but the average family is struggling with the rising cost of childcare. The cost of care has risen 122% in the last twenty years!

We need your help. We understand you may not have a lot to give but if everyone chips in just a little, together we can do great things. Please PLEDGE a few dollars to our campaign for the development of an easy and efficient platform to find a nanny share. Please share the campaign with others. It takes a village! We need you!