Nanny/Employer Checklist

The Nanny & Nanny Employer Code of Conduct 

The nanny turn-over rate is high! A recent poll conducted by Via The Village revealed the average nanny tenure is only 1 year. Setting and maintaining expectations is an essential component of a successful lasting employee/employer relationship. These are the best practices for nannies and nanny employers recommended by Via The Village whose mission is to connect families, nannies, nanny shares and elevate the childcare industry.

Use this tool to promote professionalism and participate in laying the foundation for a positive work environment to promote quality childcare and ensure that all involved thrive.

Nanny Code of Conduct

As a nanny, can you check off the following?


 I attest that my resume, documentation and the information that I provide is valid and accurate. Upon request, I will submit to a background and reference checks.

I participate in active communication during the interview process so I can understand the needs of the family and the job description to be sure that I am equipped to fill the position.

I may take notes during the interview. This is so that if I am selected to fill the position, I am prepared to participate in compiling the nanny or nanny share contract if you should desire my assist to put our agreements in writing. I request we use a detailed contract to prevent and remedy any misunderstanding should they arise.

Per Via The Village recommendation, I will participate in a review 1 and 3 months after hire, then annually to gather feedback on my job performance. At this time or as needed, we can revisit our contract to update if duties and/or rate should change. I request we keep our contract up to date to prevent any confusion.


I will show up on time for work and provide as much notice as I possible if I am unable to show due to illness or emergency (minimum of 2 hours notice).

I will perform the agreed upon duties listed in our contract to the best of my ability. 

I will communicate to you if I cannot perform any of agreed upon duties due to the needs or safety of the child(ren).

I agree to limit personal use of my cell phone so I am able to focus on the children and if applicable, completely refrain from use while driving child(ren).

I will refrain from allowing any visitors in your home or taking the child(ren) to destinations unless prior discussion/approval obtained.


I will protect your family’s privacy and I protect children’s privacy by refraining from posting their pictures on social media unless prior discussion/approval obtained.

I provide developmentally appropriate play experiences. I respect each child as a unique individual and discuss concerns with parents.

I keep the environment safe and express any safety concerns to parents.

If I am required to drive the child(ren) in my vehicle, I will keep insurance coverage up to date and confirm with my auto insurance company that child(ren) are covered. I request any additional coverage required be considered in my compensation package.

I will disclose my vaccine history to my employer upon request.


I maintain certifications and training requirements as agreed upon in my contracts. I welcome and will consider other employee sponsored diplomas, trainings, and courses proposed by my employer. 

Nanny Signature: _____________________________________

Nanny Employer Code of Conduct

Nanny employer(s), can you check off the following?


We attest that we will accurately describe the job position (in detail) to the best of our ability. We will use a nanny or nanny share contract to put it in writing in order to prevent and/or quickly remedy any misunderstandings.

Per Via The Village recommendation, we will participate in a review 1 and 3 months after hire, then annually to both provide feedback on your job performance and gather feedback on how we can support you as our employee. At this time or as needed, we can revisit our contract to update if duties and/or rate should change.

If our child(ren) raise a concern, we will have a discussion with the nanny before making any final determinations.  

We will address grievances in a timely manner with the nanny and we will refrain from speaking negatively about the nanny in front of our child(ren). 


We will not participate in discrimination or sexual harassment in any form. 

We will be receptive to any concerns expressed to us.

We will show up on-time to relieve the nanny of duty. We will refrain from requiring the nanny to work hours that are not outlined in our contract. 

We will refrain from imposing additional job responsibilities upon the nanny until we can discuss and update the contract.


We will respect the nanny’s privacy and refrain from asking personal and prying questions.

We will be cognizant that our home is the nanny’s workplace. We will prepare the workspace prior to the nanny’s arrival. Unless outlined in the contract as a job expectation, we will not expect the nanny to tidy messes made while off duty.

We will confirm with our home-owners/renter’s insurance carrier that the nanny would be covered if they were to be injured on our property. If applicable, we will also ensure coverage if we require nanny to use our motor vehicle.


We will adhere to laws surrounding the responsibilities of employing someone in our home including workmen’s compensation, legal pay and paying overtime rate per federal and local laws.

We recognize the valuable work nannies do by paying competitively and wages above the threshold of living wage for an adult living in our city. 

We compensate wages and benefits on time in adherence to our contract.

Nanny Employer(s) Signature: _____________________________________

Via The Village wishes you happy, lasting employment and employer relationships! For a copy of our code of contact, please email!

These recommendations should not be substituted for legal advice rather used solely as a general guidance. Via The Village does not represent authority or discipline over those who use this content. By using this content, you understand the responsibility is yours and hereby agree to release and hold harmless Via The Village, Inc. from any liability arising under or relating to content of “Nanny Code Conduct” or “Nanny Employer of Code of Conduct”  whether arising in contract, equity, tort or otherwise.

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