The “Spray & Pray” and Other Ineffective Nanny Job Search Techniques 

Any job search is a job in itself. But the search for a nanny position can be particularly grueling. Sadly, we see so many nannies using techniques that hurt their chances of securing employment. Are you sabotaging your own job search with the “spray and pray” and other ineffective nanny job search techniques?

Ineffective Nanny Job Search Techniques

The Spray & Pray

What is the “spray and pray” you might wonder. A recent Forbes article describes it as the number one job search approach but also the least effective. A way to receive zero responses after placing one hundred applications! Yikes. The definition is as it sounds. Spraying your resume all over the place, and then praying for a response.

No Cover Letter, No Resume

We see so many nannies take the “spray and pray” to a whole new level of ineffectiveness. Many do not even bother to share a polished resume. They simply reply “interested” or with a generic response that leaves potential employers feeling spammed.

The Copy/Paste

The nannies I feel the worst for are the ones that you can see put in time and effort to cultivate a detailed response. They list out all their great qualities and experience. But then they simply copy and paste it to one family after another. It comes through like a wall of words. Way too much work for the employer to read through!

Facebook Messaging

The use of Facebook to find a job is one of the biggest things working against nannies. Given the personal nature of the work, it is completely understandable why nannies and families use a social network to try to connect. But the platform simply was not designed for this. When someone messages another they aren’t Facebook “friends” with, it does not go to the member’s regular inbox. Instead it goes to their “Message Requests” section and is far too often over-looked.

Try Instead These More Effective Techniques

Perfect a Cover Letter 

The message you send to a potential nanny employer can replace the traditional cover letter but it should be short and sweet. In no more than a couple paragraphs you can highlight your personality, strengths, and why you think you are the best candidate for the job.

Personalize Each Message

Address each potential employer by name when you reach out to message them. Show them that you have taken the time to read their job description. Use any of the components of the job position to personalize the response, too.

Example: “I would be glad to meet with your family to explore how I can help your daughter, Violet, learn and grow.”

Polish Your Resume or Portfolio

Your resume is where you include details on your experience. If there is more you want to share, you can compose a digital portfolio. DO NOT copy and paste all of this into a message. The formatting will not transfer well. It will be overwhelming for the reader and likely deleted.

Many messaging platforms do not include the ability to attach a file. Workaround- use Google links! Include the link to your resume in your message. Click here to see an example of using Google links.

★ If you would like assist with your resume or creating a Google link, contact

Avoid Facebook Messenger

Email potential employers or use a dedicated platform such as Via The Village to filter your search and message potential employers directly. This way you are sure the message is hitting their inbox.


Last, but not least, remember that persistence pays off! I am not suggesting you pester or harass a potential employer but if you don’t get a response, try following up about a week later. Families often report feeling slammed with messages from potential nanny candidates. Don’t take it personal if you didn’t receive a response. There is a good chance your message has just gotten lost in the shuffle.

The job search process can be tough. Any efforts you put towards working at it smarter rather than harder will be time well spent. Check out other articles by Via The Village to help with getting hired as a nanny and negotiating your contract.

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