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Nanny Search, Screening, Setup- The Step Stones for Safety & Success

Your number one priority is setting up the best childcare for your family. A nanny can provide the highest level of individualized quality care, but how do you sort the good ones good from the bad?

Some rely on a nanny agency to do it for them. But you may prefer to conduct the highly personalized search yourself or the agency’s $3,000 fee just isn’t within your budget. However, if you are going to hire a nanny on your own, doing it right is critical.

The scary thing is, commonly parents are not adequately screening those they entrust with their children. We’ll cover how to efficiently search for a nanny and the crucial ingredients to screening and set-up.

Step 1: Search

Begin your nanny search at least 8-10 weeks prior to your desired start date to allow ample time to find your perfect nanny. Ideally, you find a nanny recommended through a trusted contact, but most have to broaden their search. You can try posting on social media but since these platforms are not designed for this purpose, many find this route time consuming and ineffective.

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Step 2: Screening

Background checks alone do not suffice. When it comes to vetting nanny candidates, this is a MAJOR step of the process that many parents don’t get right. Most families make a good attempt at the cumbersome process of checking the nanny’s references. However, if you are not asking the right questions, the exercise is useless.

“Fake references are a real problem for families hiring a nanny.” –The International Nanny Association

We’ve partnered with the only nanny specific reference check company that utilizes fraud detection software to validate references and ask them the right questions. We’ll help you screen your top 2-3 candidates by sending you detailed reports.

*Via The Village assists in screening nanny candidates found through our community or elsewhere.

Step 3: Background Check

Most nanny agencies and some childcare platforms run background checks. But if it is not comprehensive, it provides a false sense of security.

Comprehensive background checks include:

  • Nationwide person search (SSN) and alias names search
  • National criminal search – Includes all available counties in all available states.
  • National sexual offender registry search
  • 7-Year County/State Criminal Record Search
  • Federal criminal
  • Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) if your nanny will drive your child(ren)

To avoid assuming liability, you must conduct background checks in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA).

 A FCRA compliant comprehensive background check is included with your Nanny Hiring Package

*Via The Village facilitates background checks for nanny candidates found through our community or elsewhere.

Step 4: Setup for Success

The average nanny turn over rate is one year. Yikes! Who want to go through this process each and every year? The number one way to prevent this is through adequate communication and outlining your work agreements. Work agreements prevent and quickly remedy misunderstandings when they arise to protect your employee/employer relationship.

  Nanny work agreements are essential.

*Via The Village assists with setup whether you find your nanny through our community or elsewhere.

Via The Village believes you don’t have to do it alone. Just a little help can go a long way in finding and onboarding your ideal nanny candidate. Happy hiring!

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