Nanny Share Hosting

So we have learned about how to set up a nanny share in previous articles. Throughout other articles, you may be wondering what this nanny share hosting thing is all about. It is one of the main considerations of setting up a nanny share and we will discuss other important things to consider before you commit to a nanny share.

Nanny share hosting refers to the home where the nanny share takes place. Typically one of the families host. Occasionally the nanny may host the share at his or her home. But, in the latter example, most would consider that more of an inhome daycare set up.

So how do you decide where the nanny share should take place and what are the other considerations?

Hosting Location

Hosting location can depend on a variety of factors. Commonly, nanny share families’ schedules do not match up exactly. Depending on the childcare schedule, usually one home makes more sense over another. If one family needs care starting earlier and later than their share family, it could make sense for them to host. But families still may wish to alternate.

The nanny may start the day at one home and end the day at another. If transporting children between homes is required of the job position, it should be considered and discussed upon hire.

Nanny share families can alternate days they host or one family can host exclusively at their home. If one of the parents work from home, it may be preferable for the share to take place at the other share family’s home instead of alternating. Or if one family has a pet and someone in the share is allergic, the obvious choice would be for the share to be hosted in the home without the pet.

As part of the process of forming a nanny share, visiting one another’s homes should be part of deciding if you are a good fit.

Important Things to Consider

  • Pets– be sure all parties involved are ok with the pets being around during care hours.
  • Cleanliness of the home– one person’s idea of clean may be another person’s idea of filth. If you don’t feel comfortable with the cleanliness level of the host family’s home, then consider other options.
  • Baby proofing, and other safety issues. Be sure to openly discuss if there is a firearm in the home and gun safety protocols if there is one present.
  • Verify is if there will ever be any other family or friends coming and going from the host location during nanny share hours.

It is important for there to be an agreement in place for these issues. And it is advisable to put it into writing. Via The Village offers free nanny and nanny share templates. It will guide you through the process to be sure all your bases are covered. For liability reasons a written agreement should be in place that verifies that you have both independently hired the nanny and have come to agreement on the care host location.

Other Logistics

  • Define what happens when one of the children is sick, feverish, or contagious and if that they would need to be excluded from the nanny share that day.
  • Discuss food and supplies. Will the visiting family be bringing these things to the host family’s home? Diapers, wipes, strollers, highchairs, pack n plays, food, etc.

There are benefits and drawbacks to both being the nanny share hosting family and the being the visiting family. Your nanny share will be primed for success if you take into consideration all factors and sit down with your share family to work out a fair agreement. It is a substantial bit of upfront work. But it will pay in the long run. Nanny sharing can be an enriching experience for the children, save families a substantial amount of money, and afford the nanny a higher compensation.

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