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Ten Reasons a Nanny Share is the Best Choice

Nanny sharing has been in the news a lot recently. Its popularity is increasing, and it makes sense as to why. We are in the midst of the ‘sharing economy’. We share rides, homes, office space… why not share the surmounting cost of childcare? Read on to find out why so many parents and nannies are finding nanny sharing the best choice for them.

Reasons parents love nanny shares:


In a nanny share, you are receiving high-quality childcare at a reduced cost.

Families can save 33% when they choose to nanny share. On average, that works out to a $10,000 per year reduction in childcare costs!


The average daycare has a staff/child ratio of 1:4 for infants, 1:8 for toddlers and 1:10 preschoolers. In a nanny share, the ratio is typically 1:2 or 1:3. Children receive more attention than they would at daycare, which can lead to a stronger bond between nanny and child, less accidents, and more individualized learning.

According to Salina G, a nanny in a share:

“The kids do get so much more attention! I love how I can customize lesson plans and work on a variety of skills, one on one to help each child grow. I know they wouldn’t be this successful in a daycare.”


In a nanny share, the children have a built-in playmate!

Laura S (a long-time career nanny) says:

“I think [nanny sharing] is really beneficial for “only” children to get the similar benefits of “siblings”, such as learning to share, negotiating with multiple ages, etc.” 

Essentially, the children get all the benefits of socialization without all of the icky daycare germs. It’s a win-win!


Speaking of germs, in a nanny share, your child will still be exposed to viruses and bugs, but not at the rate s/he would at a daycare (where it seems like at least one child in the room is ALWAYS sick).

Occasional exposure to germs is a great way to boost a child’s immune system- you just don’t want them sick every other week!


Many parents don’t feel comfortable sending their child off to a facility for 8-11 hours per day. You can’t beat the comfort of being in your own home, or the home environment of their new best buddy. And let’s not forget the best part: if you host, you won’t have to get your child ready in the morning while you’re also trying to get yourself ready! Hello, 20 minutes of extra sleep!

The typical daycare is extremely rigid with their hours. Some places will charge up to $1/minute that a parent is late with pickup. That means if your meeting runs late, your Uber doesn’t show up, or you miss the 5:37 train, you’re handing over your hard-earned money.

When employing a nanny, you set the hours. There is also the potential for holiday coverage and sick care, which you will not receive at a daycare.

Reasons nannies love shares:


In a typical nanny share, each family pays ⅔ –  ¾ the nanny’s regular rate. So, for example, if the nanny charges $15/hr for one child, s/he would earn $10/hr from each family for a total of $20/hr. An increase of $5/hr can add up to more than $10,000 per year!


As much as nannies love children and love what they do, it’s no secret that taking care of small children can get boring at times. Infants sleep a lot and aren’t great conversationalists, and often the day can get a bit monotonous. Guess what? You won’t be bored with two children! Plus, they entertain each other, which is entertaining for the nanny as well.


From our research, industry standard vacation time in a nanny share is 3 weeks: one week Family A’s choice, one week Family B’s choice, and one week nanny’s choice. Assuming Family A and Family B take their vacations at the same time, the nanny will receive more vacation time than s/he would working for only one family. A well-rested nanny is a happy nanny.


This one is straightforward: two families = two bonuses. Who doesn’t like double bonuses?!?


This is one of the best parts of nanny sharing. Children naturally learn from watching each other. If one child is working on potty training, the other child will likely become curious enough to try it out for themselves. If one child is interested in letter sounds and learning to read, you better believe the other child will want to keep up! It’s also a great way to encourage children to try new foods. Monkey see, monkey do, right?


So there you have it! The top reasons why nanny sharing is the best option for families looking for high-quality childcare at a more affordable price and why nannies are on board with it too.

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