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Trying to decide if you should use a nanny share in Chicago? You’ve come to the right place! We break down the benefits and potential hurdles.

Should I Use a Nanny Share in Chicago?

If you are reading this article, consider yourself ahead of the curve! Millennials are now becoming parents. They experienced a coming-to-age in the midst of what economists have deemed the ‘sharing economy’. They share rides, home and other goods. It is no wonder they want to share childcare! But those that stop to ask: “Should I nanny share in Chicago or are there options better suited for us?” will set themselves up for success!

First off, let’s discuss all the incredible benefits of nanny sharing.

Benefits Of A Chicago Nanny Share

1. It’s a major cost cutting strategy!

For the majority of parents who weren’t told to start saving for their future children’s childcare costs when they were a mere tween, the curbing of cost in any way is a huge plus. In a nanny share, families that need full-time care can save well over $10,000 per year!

2. You can feel great about elevating the childcare industry.

Just as families save $10,000 per year, the nanny of the share earns that much more! If you want quality, you must pay for it. The sad truth is many early childhood educators and childcare providers leave the industry because they can’t make ends meet on the poverty-level wages they are paid. You are making a difference by coming together with another family to pay better!

3. You get the benefits of more personalized childcare.

Depending on the age of the child, ratios in the daycare setting will be 1:4 or 1:10. In a daycare setting, the child must conform to the routine of the masses so that harmony can be maintained. In a nanny share, that ratio is usually only 1:2, allowing the care to be more individualized in a home-setting.

4. Nanny shares are more fun!

Nanny share kids get a little playmate. Together day-in and day-out, they practically become siblings. It is a really unique relationship. Shares are often more fun for the nanny, too. The kids entertain one another and even the nanny sometimes!

5. Chicago is a great place to nanny share!

Densely populated urban areas are the prime spots for a nanny share. Nanny shares work best when the families live in close proximity to one another. Often time in cities like Chicago, you can even find a nanny share family in the same building! How great is that?

Sounds great right? Who wouldn’t want to nanny share?

There are some really valid reasons why a nanny share might not work for you.

Reasons A Nanny Share Might Not Work For You

1. You are quite particular.

Nanny sharing does take a good deal of flexibility and compromise. The nanny must care for multiple children, so if you are rigid with your child’s routine, a share likely isn’t for you. Consider hiring a nanny exclusive to your family instead.

2. You aren’t willing to put forth extra communication efforts.

Nanny sharing has its perks, but they also require a bit more effort, especially in the area of communication. Stellar communication is needed to work together to be sure schedules are understood and all parties involved are being considered. If your not up for it, nanny sharing is not for you.

3. You have a wacky, wild schedule.

It can be tough on a nanny share if your work schedule is all over the map- days/nights, weekends and so on. If this is the case, a share might work for you but you should also have alternative childcare options. Also be sure to communicate with the other family how many hours you can guarantee you will partake in the share on a weekly basis and be sure they are cool with that.

4. Your kids are in a lot of activities.

It is a lot on a nanny to be running kids from activity to activity, even when working only for a single family. In a nanny share, this usually won’t fly. You might be able to work in a few activities per week, but be sure to have a candid conversation with the nanny and the other share family to be sure they are down with this.

5. You are too messy or too neat.

Either extreme is likely to make the nanny and the nanny share family feel uncomfortable if you host them in your home. If you are considering hiring a nanny or partaking in a share, do an honest appraisal of this. If you are either extreme and unwilling to compromise- the daycare route is probably your best bet.

So should I use a nanny nanny share in Chicago? Well, only you can answer that, but it is our hope that this article got you a step closer to the answer! If indeed you do decide to hire a nanny or join a nanny share, be sure to check out How to Find a Nanny Share in Chicago and start your search on

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