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United Nanny Agency

Full Service Nanny Placement & Screening Support

  • Because your child deserves the best care you can find
  • Full placement- get matched with a prescreened, professional nanny with a satisfaction guarantee
  • A la carte screening support- background check & hiring help to verify the nanny you found is as great as they seem

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When to Connect


If you’re looking for a trustworthy, reliable caregiver with nanny training…

Anyone can call themselves a nanny but not all nannies are created equal and not all are reliable. United Nanny offers their nannies high quality professional training to cultivate a higher quality childcare arrangement.

You want to ensure you’re leaving your little one in safe hands

Background checks on most caregiver sites are pretty skimpy and don’t provide reference checks or help ensure your nanny is up to date on their CPR and First Aid certifications like United Nanny does!

You want to be matched with the right nanny for your child

There are a lot of good nannies out there but they might not be good for your child or your family’s needs. United Nanny simplifies and speeds up the matching process for you!

You want to hire a nanny that is going to engage your child

80% of a child’s brain development occurs within the first 3 years. Beyond that, you want someone who does more than sit on your couch and scroll their phone.

Happiness is one nanny away.

Gain full service nanny placement -or- screening support to ensure quality and safety!

How to Connect

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