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Gain support, skills, and inspiration to help you and your family live happier, healthier lives with holistic work-life wellness resources.
Bio- Emily Louange


Welcome by Emily

My name is Emily. Like most moms, I wear many hats. I am a wife, nurse, Holistic Work-Life Wellness Coach and Childcare Consultant. I am also the creator of the Via The Village community that has grown to over 13,000 parents and nannies!

Over the years, Via The Village has evolved from a Facebook group to a high tech web app connecting families, nannies, and nanny shares to what it is now — a work-life wellness resource platform to support you in a more personalized and meaningful way.

As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child” but from what I see, most modern parents, especially moms, are trying to juggle it all on their own. 

Pushed beyond their limits, they are anxious, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Yet when they try to take time for themselves, they battle severe “mom guilt” and guilt for oh so many other things. 

I have good news for you. You don’t have to do it alone.

Holistic work-life wellness coaching can support you and help you  live more a more calm, purposeful, powerful, and creative life.  

This can be your moment when things take a turn for the better.

Holistic Work-Life Support


Childcare Search & Setup Success

Quality childcare is a tenet of work-life wellness for parents. Get quality support finding the right nanny, nanny share or daycare to give your little one the best start possible.


Parenting, Marriage & Relationships

Experiencing family or workplace drama? Going through a breakup or move? Are you strained with obligations, marriage or parenting challenges?  Feel calm, resolute, and thrive with resources.


Career & Business

Need to ace your next interview? Preparing for a pitch or launch? Feeling stuck, ready for a change or inspiration? Tap into yourself and reach your full potential. Connect with support and succeed sooner.


Health & Weight Loss

Free yourself from unhealthy patterns.  Let’s rewire your relationship with food and exercise, be supported throughout the process and finally achieve your ideal health and/or weight goals.


Holistic Happiness

Optimize any or all dimensions of your wellness (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, financial, environmental). Let’s make your dreams a reality!

Erika's Quote Emily Louange Coaching
I recommend the great opportunities Via The Village gives and Emily specifically is very attentive! She has a lot of experience and is so helpful. I am very grateful for everything she has done. Her coaching program is amazing 🙂
Thank you so much, Emily!

Aisha's quote- Emily Louange coaching

I was recently working to update my resume and I found a great resource through Emily Louange’s website. She was able to help me properly express my years of experience and help convey my ideas on paper. Her consultation was extremely beneficial in this usually time consuming process. Thanks again, Emily!

Diana's quote- Emily Louange coaching

Emily really helped me and our share family understand not only the general idea of a nanny share, but also specific details that must be addressed to make it successful. She educated us extensively on how to figure an appropriate rate for our nanny, what possible events need to be planned for, and how important it is to draw up a contract. We have a unique situation where all parties involved (nanny and parents) have been friends for years. Emily guided us on how to successfully work with each other and protect our friendship. I highly recommend using Emily’s service.

Holistic Work-Life Wellness Coaching

Stop just surviving. Start thriving. Discover what it feels like to be supported and resourced!