Coaching by Emily Louange

Holistic Work-Life Wellness Coaching

Coaching by Emily Louange

Holistic coaching involves using the mind, body, spirit, and emotions in a creative process to maximize personal and professional potential. 

It can help you achieve your objectives sooner whether that's finding quality childcare, a great new job, wealth, health or happiness.

I will assist you in deepening your awareness, self-knowledge, improving your abilities, and enhancing any or all dimensions of your wellness (physical, mental, financial, social, emotional, occupational, spiritual, and environmental).

Together, we will explore emotional or mental blocks and behaviors that are no longer serving you by helping you listen to the wisdom within you as a basis for establishing transformation in your life.



What I Can Help You With

If you´ve been struggling with any or all of this…


Lack of confidence or unrealized goals and potential

Having big goals but no idea how to reach them or so many that you can’t keep track of them all


Job dissatisfaction or job search

Feeling stuck or undervalued in your current job or in the throes of the job hunt


Parenting, marital or other relationship strain

Feeling unsettled about parenting worries or relationship drama that causes you chronic distress


Detrimental patterns with food and/or trouble establishing a good exercise routine

Moving through life in an unhealthy or overweight body that drags you down


Have less energy than you need or desire

Living a life of lack, notice yourself numbing out scrolling social media or watching more Netflix that you’d like to admit

Any of this sound familiar?

I can help you with any or all of this through coaching!

Lose Weight, Feel Great

Imagine how it would feel if you could...


Gain clarity and focus to achieve your dreams

Get clear, organized, and shed all the sh!t that has blocked you from your potential for too long


Earn more money while doing work you love

Ace that interview to land an incredible job, nail that pitch, impact the world in the way you were meant to


Maintain a healthy weight and experience vitality

Have more energy and enthusiasm to carry you through this journey we call life


Sparkle, shine, and live your best life

Experience joyful abundance in health, wealth, and holistic happiness

Sound good to you? Let's talk!

Discover what it’s like to be truly supported.

About Coaching

Anyone can call themselves a coach but not all coaches are created equal. I pursued extensive training and mentorship to become a board certified nurse coach. To serve my clients,  I follow proven methods and the gold standards established by the International Coaching Federation.

What to expect…


A trusted partnership

Each coaching session is CONFIDENTIAL. You as the client choose the focus of conversation, while I as your coach listen and contribute observations and questions to deepen the exploration. 


A boost of motivation and increased accountability

Sessions are a time to focus on you and what matters most to you so we’ll tap into what lights you up. You’ll decide what you’d like to focus on each session and I will be there to support you on your journey.


Discovery of strengths and opportunities

By helping you increase your awareness, you’ll stop going through the motions of life on autopilot. Sessions protect time for you to pause,  go within,  and course correct so you don’t end up in a place you don’t want to be.


Creation of an actionable plan

Coaching is about the here and now and moving towards the goals you wish to achieve to live your best life. You are the creator of your own destiny and I will be there to help you discover your true potential!

What NOT to expect…


Unsolicited advice or a pre-packaged solution

YOU are the best expert of yourself and your life. Together we can explore your unique situation and options from a holistic perspective to enable you to live more fully.


Therapy or a medical consultation

While therapy takes a deep dive in the past, coaching focuses more on the present and future. And though I am a nurse, sessions do not involve any diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice.


More of the same

Don’t sign up for coaching if you want to remain exactly  where you are now. Sessions  involve reflection, mirroring, and at times some tough questions. I will lovingly nudge you outside of your comfort zone as a basis for creating lasting positive transformation in your life.


Me telling you what to do

While I may put on the consulting hat from time to time (upon your request or with your permission), the aim of the sessions is to empower you and integrate your wholeness to help you uncover the answers that are deep within you.


Kristen's Quote Emily Louange Coaching

I worked with Emily for about six weeks for personal/holistic coaching. Our sessions were very helpful to bring down my stress levels, and Emily gave me easy-to-execute ideas that I hadn’t thought of that helped me to be more productive, sort through the chaos, and to better focus on my goals. I will definitely be a return client after my accelerator program winds down!

Danny's Quote Emily Louange Coaching

Emily Louange is an outstanding resource. Her background as an RN and business owner/entrepreneur (and having led large teams in that capacity) gives her a wide range of expertise. Emily has a knack for leading people to clarity in otherwise unclear and possibly complicated situations and aids in steering people toward appropriate action steps. Emily is an amazing person and a gem in her field.

Erika's Quote Emily Louange Coaching
I recommend the great opportunities Via The Village gives and Emily specifically is very attentive! She has a lot of experience and is so helpful. I am very grateful for everything she has done. Her coaching program is amazing 🙂
Thank you so much, Emily!

Ready to get started?

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Collaboratively we create a custom plan

You’ll get the most out of the coaching experience when you participate in sessions on a regular basis. 

On your complimentary discovery call we’ll design a package right for you.


Gain built in support

Coaching is a unique experience and a catalyst for transformative.

Together we will tap into the wisdom within you working with the body, mind, energy, and spirit to achieve your objectives and dreams.

Holistic Work-Life Wellness Coaching

Stop just surviving. Start thriving. Discover what it feels like to be supported and resourced!