Holistic Nurse Coaching and How It Can Help You Thrive

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The coaching industry is fast growing. So fast growing that it is soon expected to reach a market share of $20B dollars. But what is even more exciting is that nurse coaches are getting a piece of that multi billion dollar pie!!!

You may wonder… what is a “nurse coach”? I wondered the exact same thing just last year before I started my journey to become a board certified holistic nurse coach. I was then introduced to this incredible new world that has propelled me forward both personally and professionally. I highly recommend you to consider experiencing it.

About Holistic Nurse Coaching

Holistic nurse coaching engages the mind, body, spirit, and emotions to assist in deepening awareness, self-knowledge, improving abilities, and optimizing health, wellness, and well-being.

A common misconception is that nurse coaching is only for nurses. While a nurse coach can support fellow nurses through coaching, they work in a wide variety of different settings and serve many different types of clients because coaching skills are highly transferable. Coaching can support an individual in reaching any type of goal from health to wealth to simply getting more organized. You name it.

How Nurse Coaching Can Help You Thrive

Coaching encourages exploration of emotional or mental blocks and behaviors that are no longer serving you by helping you listen to the wisdom within to create an actionable plan for transformational change.

Coaching can support you in any or all the 8 Dimensions of Wellness


8 Dimensions of Wellness

Coaching has proved to be transformational in my life and for many others. I invite and encourage you to explore it! Learn more about holistic nurse coaching on the American Holistic Nurses Association’s website.

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