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When to Connect

Nanny Taxes

If you have questions about nanny or nanny share taxes or want to verify information...

In my experience, the average CPA or accountant can steer you in the wrong direction. Best to confirm with HWS because household payroll is their jam. 

You're thinking about paying your nanny "under the table"

Don't. Not only does it put your family at risk for penalties and back taxes, it robs your nanny of a legitimate work history and the ability to apply for things like loans, unemployment, and the list goes on.

You goofed up and already paid your nanny "under the table"

Your not the first one and you certainly won't be the last. Connect with HWS and they will help you sort it out. You'll be in good hands.

You'd rather spend time with your family instead of trying to figure this tax sh!t out

This is an opportunity to avoid a major headache! Nanny taxes are complicated. HWS will save you the hassle.

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