The Successful Nanny Workshop


On-Demand Workshop: 90 min Video & Workbook

Gain support and skills to increase your job satisfaction and rate!

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Host: Emily Louange

Host: Emily Louange

Nurse & Holistic Work-Life Wellness Coach

Hi there! I’m Emily. I’m a working mama of two, I have been a nanny, and I have employed several nannies myself. 

After many years of running a large Facebook group to connect parents and nannies, I served as the Director of Employment for the U.S. Nanny Association. 

Using my experience combined with my coaching skills, I look forward to helping you increase your job satisfaction and income!

Emily Louange RN, BSN, BC-NC

For New & Experienced Nannies

Whether you are looking for a new job or want to renegotiate terms in your current nanny position. 

This Workshop Is For You If You…


Would like to increase your income

Learn how to communicate your value proposition so you can earn more in your new job or ask for a raise


Want to improve your working conditions

Discover how to prevent and address “scope creep” (employer slowly adding in job tasks that were not agreed upon without increasing your pay)


Would like to set yourself up for success

Many parents have never employed a nanny before so knowing your workplace rights and how to advocate for yourself effectively is key!

Great Nanny Job
5 Star Nannny

What You Will Get…


A step-by-step guide to help you find a job and navigate the nuances of being a domestic employee. Includes a resume and work agreement template! 



Instant access to the workshop video that you can re-watch anytime. Discover how a little help can go a long way! 

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Gain 1:1 email support to answer your most pressing questions as you go up to 3 times. Receive special promotions and resource recommendations.