Best Childcare Options In Chicago: Nanny vs Nanny Share vs Daycare

What’s the best childcare option in Chicago — nanny, nanny share, or daycare? Well, a lot depends on you and your family’s preferences. Here are the benefits of each Chicago childcare option to aid in your decision making.

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A Preschool Lesson for Adults

The past few weeks our mornings have been a little rough. Our 3 year old had adjusted just fine to the daycare he started in the fall. But recently, a slight change to his regular pick-up time threw him for a loop. Pleasant drop-offs turned into dramatic, heart-wrenching goodbyes. It’s been a considerably distressing all-around. We spoke to the teacher [...]

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Religion & Politics at Work

Religion & Politics at Work- Religion and politics. Eek. Two topics most steer clear of in the workplace, right? Typically these topics aren’t directly relevant to the work anyway… unless, of course, you work for a religious organization. But few stop to think how relevant religion and politics can become in a domestic workplace… that is, until there’s conflict. [...]

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Fun Ways To Get Together With Other Families

The first few weeks and months of parenthood go flying by in a blur. It seems that every waking moment is spent trying to take care of the beautiful baby that just came into your life. After a while though, you will want to get back to socializing with people outside of your immediate family [...]

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5 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips for Families

Family-Friendly Healthy Eating Tips (Holiday Edition) Helping our children develop healthy eating habits is one of the most important things that we can do as parents and caregivers. Studies show us that the habits and opinions around food formed at a young age last into adulthood and shape the choices that are made as adults. With so many diet-related diseases that our society [...]

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Why Giving Birth Will Be the Rebirth of Your Childhood

Childhood should be the most mellow, blissfully innocent time of your entire life. No bills, no job, no demands, what more could you ask for? But then eventually the child begins to age. Their responsibilities begin to grow as they continue cultivating life “firsts”: first job, first car, first apartment, first love, first child. Suddenly, life isn’t so carefree. Occasionally [...]

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