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    Emily Louange

    Yes, yes. I know no is TV best.

    But looking for recos of non obnoxious shows. Maybe quieter ones that teach a lesson of some sorts- whether it help emotional or intellectual development.


    Kimberley Roberts

    My favorite website to share with parents and caregivers is They rate shows based on their content:

    Educational value
    Positive messages
    Positive role models & representations
    Violence & scariness
    Sexy stuff
    Drinking, drugs & smoking

    and then also give a short synopsis of the show and give parents/caregivers a heads’ up as to what to look out for (for example, if there is a great movie that has one fairly scary part, they will warn you about it so you can prepare your child or plan to skip it if your child is sensitive).

    Some of the shows they recommend for preschool/kindergarten are:

    Luna Petunia, Storybots, Super Why!, Word Party, Beat Bugs, Earth To Luna, Bubble Guppies, Bookaboo, Super Wings, Peg + Cat, Reading Rainbow, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Tumbleleaf, and Wild Kratts

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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