I’m interviewing for nanny positions… how can I tell if it’s a good fit?

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I’ve babysat in the past, but I am looking for my first full-time position. I was offered two jobs! Not sure which one to take.


First of all, congrats on two positions! That’s wonderful, and it’s wonderful to have options! For choosing a family to work with, I always recommend going with your gut, but that can be tough to do when you’re just starting!

I would recommend writing out all the pros and cons or your two options.

Weigh Salary with Personal Satisfaction

Do the hours of one family work better than the other? Is the pay higher for one than the other? How much paid time off will you get with either family? Is each family willing to do a healthcare stipend? Are the children of one family an age you prefer over another age? Sit down and write out a list, this can often clarify which one will be a better fit.

Your employer will have a big impact on your experience. Did one family have better communication skills? Was one more organized, already have a nanny work agreement drafted?

Write Down a Typical Day in Each Position

Not all nanny jobs are created equal. Some involve many additional tasks on top of basic childcare such as carpooling, homework help, household tasks, etc.

As you make your list, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will the parents be working from home?
  • Does the job involve travel?
  • What’s my commute like?
  • What’s the neighborhood like (fun, safe, etc.)?

Talk It Out and Trust Your Intuition

I also find that saying out loud to a friend or family member which one you are going to choose helps you do a gut check on if it felt good to say it out lout of not!

Lastly, once you’ve made your lists, step back and check in with your inner voice. Ask yourself what your instincts are telling you to do.

Whichever you decide, good luck on your nanny journey, and we are here to support you at Via The Village along the way!

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